Saturday, September 28, 2013

Christmas Time In September

Yay the limited edition Pokemon 3DS XL came out yesterday! After a whole month and a half of talking everyone's ears off about how much I wanted it but didn't think I should spend the $220 on it... The day came and I decided that if I missed out on it I'd regret it, so I went to Gamestop after work to buy it.

The picture does it no justice. It's amazing. Well worth being broke over. All that's missing is Animal Crossing and I'll be a happy woman.

But that ain't all, folks! Today my mega Cassandra Clare haul came in the mail days earlier than expected!

Amazon box. Such a beautiful sight. ^^^ Ahhh so nice to finally see Clockwork Angel in hardcover, such a rarity! And City of Bones is gorgeous! I'm super happy that I went through the trouble of getting them in this format. Now the dilemma of picking between the 3DS or reading. (¬_¬)"


  1. Not impressed with that pokemon design at all, but I really want to get a 3DS so I can play that new Adventure Time game that's coming out next month.

    1. I felt the same way until I got to hold it in my hands, it's much nicer in person. Wish it was the Animal Crossing one though. :/