Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Tale of the Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices and My Sick Obsession With Having Order In My Library

Holla! Last you heard of me, I was coo coo bananas for The Divergent series by Veronica Roth. The final book comes out near the end of October, so meanwhile what's a bookworm to do? Get into something to tide her over, duhhh. Didn't think I'd get bit by the book bug by another series though.

So I'm trying out the Kindle app on my phone... Downloaded the mini story about Divergent's Four... Thought "Wow ebooks aren't the coming sign of the apocalypse after all! I could get used to this..."

**Disclaimer: I'll never ever get over owning physical books, I'll always find them better... But I'm now accepting of ebooks.**

... And I see that The Mortal Instruments (by Cassandra Clare) was recommended to me. I watched the movie, didn't think it was so bad and was curious to find out what happens, so I bought the first book off Kindle.

Fast forward to today, I'm searching stores to see if they have them in hardcover form because I like them that much. Maybe even Craigslist? Nope! Paperback everything with the exception of the latest book which is only in hardcover.

My dilemma was: do I buy them in paperback? And wait like a year to purchase the next installment in paperback form everytime a new one comes out? I'm the type of nerd who HAS to have a book series in the same format: either all paperback or all hardcover. I cringe when I see a tiny paperback book between two huge hardcovers and see that they're all from the same series. Plus hardcovers are really beautiful and shiny... I think I'd rather shell out the extra cash and hit up Amazon for the set.

BUT... It comes in a box... Do I wait for the last book to come out next year for a box big enough to hold them all? It took me about a good month of debating paperback vs hardcover vs waiting a year for the complete box set! Finally, I decided I'm not waiting to read them cuz I kinda need to know what happens ASAP!

SO! I bought the box set cuz it was cheaper than buying them from individual sellers... If it really bugs me that the 6th book won't fit in it then I'll just throw the box away. Whatevs. Not like my Harry Potters are in a box.

AND!  I found the last two books in the prequel series (The Infernal Devices) on Craigslist in hardcover form, great condition, for only 9 bucks each. Bought them off an angry cholo who was selling his ex-girlfriend's books. She owned all the books, but they were all paperback, so I had to hit up Amazon to add Clockwork Angel to my order.

And so, boys and girls, that's how I spent close to $100 on books in one evening. Also, this is the sad revelation that I'm OCD when it comes to my book collections. And DVDs too. Let's not get started on that.

Can we just admire for one quick sec how beautiful this cover is? I even managed to safely remove that stupid movie promo sticker plastered to her bosom. Whose stupid idea was it to do that anyway? Fire him or her, publishers.

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