Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 2012 New Year's Resolution : Accomplished

Welp. This was it. I've finally started blogging again, which was my New Year's resolution. Many have laughed, but I laugh at you as you struggle to attain your impossible goals, like sky diving with David Bowie. Fools.

But I deter. This blog will pretty much consist of things I can't manage to fit in 140 characters. Maybe no one will read it, but as Oprah has said, "Writing feels good." Or something like that. I know she was quoted saying something about how liberating writing is to the human soul, I'm just too lazy to Google her exact words.

This blog will also be just about things that I love...like....music, comic books, video games, tv,sci-fi/fantasy, books, food, ponies, nail polish, action figures. Nerdy stuff, girly stuff. Sarcastic, crude humor. I might post up a picture or two about my day, or some boob shots. Cuz boobs are cool, right?

I bet Oprah totally uses this as a bookshelf. She would.

Ummm...I'm gonna go back to watching Sex and the City and organizing my Magic the Gathering cards. And not talking about Oprah. Talk to **you guys soon.

**you guys = probably a lone stranger stumbling to my page after searching for Justin Bieber noodz.

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